Where to Find an Icon for Your App

If you’re not the most sophisticated game or app developer, then royalty-free icons are your best pals.

Your app icon matters more than you think. An icon that stands out can play a key role in the user’s choice. If you’re not the most sophisticated game or app developer, then royalty-free icons are your best pals. Such icons can be used commercially without having to pay for a designer. Where can you find them?

1. Iconfinder.com

Here you can find both free and paid collections of over 665 thousand icons.

2. Iconarchive.com

IconArchive.com has a collection of one million icons and you can use most of them for free for commercial purposes. When you browse the icons, you can see some similar ones. So if the first find doesn’t suit you, you can keep searching without much effort. The site allows browsing by categories: you can filter out the most popular icons and the new ones.

3. Flaticons.net

Personalize and upload your own icon using flaticons.net. This site has a huge selection of icons that you can customize to suit your application by changing color, shape, and size. There are several free collections available on the site.

4. Iconmonstr.com

Here you can also choose an icon and personalize it as you wish. The advantage is that all icons are completely free.

5. Icondeposit.com

If you just need a huge selection of icon collections, then you should visit icondeposit.com. In addition to custom icons, you will find a blog and tutorial on how to create your own icon. However, before downloading, it’s worthwhile checking if it’s free or not.

6. Icons.mysitemyway.com

Despite the fact that all icons are free and the collection is pretty limited, everything you can find here is of top-notch quality.

7. Freeiconsweb.com

The site has over 1600 free icons and lets you can change the color as you wish.

8. Linea.io

This is an excellent resource with a collection of over 730 “flat” icons. To use these icons, you will need to indicate the copyright.

9. Aegeank.com

With over 360 stylish icons, Aegeank.com is sure to offer something cool and posh. All of the icons are free to download.

10. Useiconic.com

The website features a collection of 223 icons that you are free to use and modify as you wish. The advantage of these icons is excellent readability at a small size (up to 8 pixels), and you can download them in any convenient format.

11. Iconsweets.com

Although there are only 60 icons on this website, their quality is very good. The clean design will look great on any mobile device.

12. Glyphish.com

Glyphish.com offers a collection of 50 free icons. The site specializes in paid icons and many big companies like Google and NASA already use some of them.

If none of these websites can satisfy your sophisticated search for icons, it makes sense to turn to DIY tools.

DIY Icon Creation Tools


The perfect online icon maker. You can create an icon in Photoshop or GIMP, and then upload it to the site and get a ready-made icon for Android or iOS.


Visualpharm.com not only has tons of free icons, but also a good guide on how to create your own for a variety of platforms.


Just be sure to visit this site if you are going to create your own icon for a game or application. The site has a lot of templates, tutorials, and useful materials.


Free-icon-editor.com is a program that allows you to create an icon for a mobile application or game. It’s quite easy to use, and if you have a few imaging skills, this is probably the fastest way to get exactly the icon you want.

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