Benefits of Using Edge Data Centers

The edge data centers are becoming one more option for IT companies that are looking to take advantage of their business intelligence. There’re two types of edge data centers:

  • A small object that is normally used for service of secondary locations, and
  • A modularized site located close to the edge of an organization’s own network.

As an example, edge data centers are used by large media companies that base their IT platform in large colocation data centers around the world to provide the best performance in hard-to-reach areas. This system works well until the need to expand the services market. In this case, the company should build a smaller date center located close to the place that can use special connecting cables for data transfer to large data centers in order to to be able to double sell the capacity of the cables with their content. This scheme works will be acceptable for small players to the moment until they are able to provide their services at the local level.

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The case for modular data centers

Different branches of major international companies often need data access of the head office. This problem was solved by keeping all systems in one data center with each system having access to all data. But such data centers can be led in various data silos and sometimes it is difficult to reconcile work of these silos with each other.

Instead, edge data centers are compactly constructed and they may be transported using a small truck.

A striking example of using concept “datacenter-as-a-service” is colocation provider IO. The main company’s data center consists of large modules that in the case of increasing data center can be recycled into a bigger facility. One of the modules can be offered to the customer as an edge data center and thus provide organisation-to-colocation provider connectivity and accelerate the transfer of content; otherwise it would be difficult to fulfill. These servers can be useful for companies looking for resource bursting for on-premise workloads.

Edging out the requirements

The edge data center is a good solution for small towns and regions that are difficult to access. This allows users to get access to content and corporate data at speeds that satisfy the modern consumer. Therefore, large companies should take into account the prospects of small data centers. Interconnections from edge data centers to the big colocation and public cloud technologies prove that the work of these small data centers meet all requirements. This can be a good way to get extra reach to the main colocation site.

But before using edge data centers CIOs should make sure that the company plans to match and provider plans to expand new areas that will ensure the growth of the company. It is also important to make sure that the level of provider service corresponds with awaiting company. It is also important to consider the human factor that sooner or later manifests itself. At this point, you must consistently work on eliminating mistakes and not waste time on fingerpointing.

The edge data center gives everyone the opportunity to experience working in the same environment with equal functionality and productivity, so why not give it a try?

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