10 Revolutionary Devices To Make Your House A Smart House

Modern “smart” house is still a far cry from being perfect. Generally speaking, it can hardly be called smart at all. Living in the century of hectic high-tech development, we have enough devices capable of automating various housing functions and connect them to the Internet. Nevertheless, only a few devices can deliver more benefits than troubles while connecting and configuring them. In order to right the ship, we’ve chosen the most useful gadgets for a smart home.


Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a current leader in the market of smart thermostats. However, the ecobee3 device, presented in 2014, is in no way inferior to it.


Both gadgets are capable of memorizing house owner’s preferences and further adjusting to them by regulating home temperature accordingly. Unlike robust self-operating temperature regulators that occupy most houses today, these devices are compact and easy to use. Ultimately, an indisputable advantage of the smart thermostats is a possibility to adjust the temperature in the house without having to get out of the couch. After trying this gadget, sure enough, you will never get back to mechanical control.

The ecobee3 would be especially convenient for the owners of large houses. After the installation of several such thermostats, there will be no need for user to adjust the temperature manually in different rooms around the house. However, for the owners of smaller places, the device will also be of service. And the price point is ridiculous given advantages it provides: it will cost you around $250.

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Philips Hue Smart Lightbulb

The Philips Hue has become synonymous with the “smart lighting” concept. According to user preferences, this bulb’s light output colors can be adjusted, creating a specific mood in the room.


This is a smartphone-controlled device. Certainly, the Philips Hue is not a cheap deal and will cost around $200. Although, according to developers, this bulb lasts for 15,000 hours, which equals almost two years of continuous burning.


Nest Protect Smart Smoke Detector

The smoke and carbon dioxide detectors are installed in most of the houses in the USA. Nevertheless, the Nest Company has managed to make this device even smarter. An ordinary detector just gives a signal after having identified a problem. Nest Protect also sends alerts to the house owner’s smartphone.


The gadget senses a person walking around in the dark. If a person gets up in the middle of the night, Nest Protect sheds dim light for person not to stumble and fall in the dark. Finally, the key advantage of Nest Protect is an ability to “soothe” the device remotely right from the Nest app on your smartphone. It can be of use in case the gadget responds to a burn in the kitchen. The Nest Protect will cost you $99.

Amazon Echo Assistant

Amazon Echo is a wireless speaker that performs functions of a digital assistant like Siri or Google Now. An assistant can tell you a weather forecast, show web search results, turn on/off the music, set alarms or calendar events.


All in all, Amazon Echo is an interesting and unique device that makes your home not just “smart”, but truly “intellectual”. The price of the device is about $180.

Sonos Play:1 Smart Speaker

Sonos Play:1 is another smart wireless speaker that, unlike Amazon Echo, is completely focused on music. As an entry-level device in the Sonos family, it can be synchronized with services like Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, Amazon Prime Music, SiriusXM, and most other players on your PC.


Using a mobile app, the speaker can also be synchronized with other Sonos devices. Therefore, a person may set a unique and one-of-a-kind audio system in places of any configuration. You, certainly, have to come down with your money to obtain the privilege of enjoying such conveniences and sound quality. The price of Sonos Play: 1 is $199.

Nest Cam

Nest Cam is another smart and helpful device from the Nest Company. It is a wireless security camera that transmits large-format video, 1080p in resolution. Such videos can be streamed practically on any gadget sporting a display. Moreover, for safety reasons, Nest Cam can also be applied to keep an eye on your kids.  


Nest Cams are put up for sale at a price of $199.

Belkin WeMo Switch

Do you remember leaving your home and then beginning to worry that you left an iron turned on?


Belkin WeMo Switch is just what the doctor ordered. This smart socket can be turned on and off remotely, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It can also be set for automatic shut off. The price is about $39,99.

Roomba 980


Roomba 980 is one of the latest models of the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners. The device comes at a pretty high price – $900. Nevertheless, Roomba 980 has been equipped with a Wi-Fi module, which allows to plan and change cleaning parameters remotely. You may be away for months while still keeping your house floor clean with this smart robotic vacuum cleaner.

August Smart Lock


August Smart Lock is an intelligent door lock that can be opened remotely, with the help of an app. Moreover, the owner recognition function allows doors to lock or unlock when you are approaching them. August Smart Lock can be also adjusted to sense and react to other people’s drawing near. Such a device is worth of $200.

Hub for a Smart Home Logitech Harmony Home Control

Logitech has released Harmony Home Control system, which allows to manage several smart devices at a time with the help of a single remote control.


The hub can synchronize with practically all of the above listed gadgets. With its help, you can also control TVs, game consoles and multimedia systems. Harmony Home Control can synchronize simultaneously with eight devices. The control system will cost you about $125.

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