6 Steps To Build A Strong Team

Reading articles about successful companies, very often you come across the words like “force”, “leader”, “competition” and other terms that inevitably suggest that working environment should be harsh and ruthless. In fact, the staff of really successful companies do not feel themselves playing a survival game. A prosperous company focused on achieving long-term goals tries to reduce employee turnover. It seeks to attract and retain talented people. Here are a few steps to create a strong and reliable team.


Select the right people


A careful people selection for your business team will pay off in the long run, even if at first you spend more time on it than planned. It should be understood that the employment of a person “for appearance’s sake ” will not only benefit, but even harm the enterprise. Companies that operate in this way, eventually will face the high staff turnover. The unmotivated staff consider such a company as a temporary job to find something interesting, and the company does not consider the unmotivated staff as a valuable acquisition. Ultimately, the company simply loses money. If you from the very beginning invest time and money in the search for people who meet the requirements of the company, this approach sooner or later will pay off a hundredfold.


Appreciate every person

Businessman Choosing The Right Person

If each team member brings his own unique contribution to the overall workflow, it is important to emphasize the importance of each role. People should feel that they are vital. In such a case they are not going to raise the question “What and why am I doing here?” It is not a secret that the efficacy of an employee who feels the importance of his work is much higher. If people feel that their role is undervalued or useless, their work is becoming more mechanical and soulless.




Communication is the best way to demonstrate to the employee the importance of his work. It is unlikely that people will feel themselves significant if one does not share information with them. Try to keep the team’s work transparent to all participants, even if some part of the work is not directly related to them.

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Specialized corporate instant messengers can help to achieve it, making the workflow open. Seeing what tasks other team members are working on, employees are more likely to perform the tasks efficiently. Weekly meetings and discussions are another way to generate new ideas and upgrade your business.


Set goals


The accurate and regular setting of short-term and long-term goals will help the team to set daily tasks more correctly. An obvious progress also encourages team members to work harder. In addition, it will lead to better understanding of how the fulfillment of certain tasks affects the overall company’s success. Thus, establishing goals increases motivation and team involvement.


Celebrate success and failures


Celebrating success and key achievements of the company unites the team and allows employees to feel power of the company and team spirit. If one person performs some significant task, whole team should admit his success. In such a way a person will feel that his work is appreciated.

At the same time, if the team fail to perform some minor task, one should try to analyze the mistakes and try to learn from them. No doubt, one should not try to find a scapegoat and turn workflow into the hunt for the guilty. Nobody will benefit from it. Instead, you should brainstorm and decide how to improve the situation.


Get to know each other


You do not necessarily have to become the best friend with each team member. But going out together once a month will help staff to get to know each other and get along better. So they will appreciate their workmates

not only as colleagues. In addition, the opportunity to get to know the people with whom you work will help you understand their working style and how best to interact with them in different situations.

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