5 Useful Apps To Keep Everything In Your Memory

A working memory of any living creature defines the ability to keep small amount of information in its mind. As a rule working memory can process only 4 things simultaneously, therefore some information may be neglected.

For this purpose Software Focus editors picked out some apps which enable us to forget about daily routine and focus on really important things.





This mobile app will remind you of the most important everyday task: to drink a sufficient quantity of water. The app allows you to add various drinks you consume per day and set constant reminders. Specially selected information about the influence of water on our organism is likely to encourage you to follow the given advice. 


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PillPack is a medication reminder, which works as an alarm clock. You should enter a drug name, set a particular time and you will receive the notification at that time. You may also use location-based reminders. They will remind you to take medication when you leave home. However, you should remember that geo-tracking can discharge your smartphone. 




Gestimer is a menu bar app in OS X “for those little tasks you forget in everyday life”. Simply drag the Gestimer icon, set the necessary time and create your reminder. This app is helpful both at work and at home for completing small tasks, it’s very handy.




Sometimes we forget about some special dates of our beloved and this is exactly the case where Spark app will be extremely useful. Spark will remind you of all special occasions in advance. Another benefit is that Spark offers sets of romantic ideas and gestures to show affection to your partner. 




We face many good and bad situations every day, however bad situations come up to mind more frequently. The developers of Gratefulness web-site think that remembering good things and situations is of high importance. Twice a day users are reminded to write down the reason, why are they grateful to this day. 

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