A New Technology Of 3D-Printed Drugs

Scholars of  the National University of Singapore have developed a new technology of 3D-printed drugs, which will allow taking only one pill a day instead of many.

Scientists from Singapore have devised a new technology of 3D-printed pills. During many years personalized medicine had been only a concept because of its complexity and high costs of its implementation. Thanks to the invention of Singapore scholars, the concept can be realized and each specific patient can be supplied with individual drugs.


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This know-how of 3D-print allows to create a pill containing necessary dosage of different drugs that should be taken during the day. The system also enables to preset different profiles of tablet coatings that will be really useful if the components should be absorbed in human organism in some specific order.

The development of the scientists is different to traditional 3-D methods because before all components were applied simultaneously, they were mixed, and now layers can be coated in the needed order. The authors of this new method highlight the simplicity of their development, its flexibility and extremely low cost. The scientists are going to commercialize this way of producing pills.

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