AI-CD β To Act As The Creative Director Of McCann

McCann is the first brand to employ artificial intelligence (AI) bot as the company’s creative director in a Japanese office. According tо The Drum, the bot is called AI-CD β and he will offer ideas about better advertising, based on the analysis of the past TV commercials.

AI-CD β was developed within the Creative Genome Project, one of the first projects that emerged from McCANN MILLENNIALS. This is an innovative team that was put together last September and is made up of employees born between 1980 and 2000.

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AI-CD β is an artificial intelligence bot that is able to set the direction of advertising. In order to create it the team analyzed a huge number of TV commercials released over the past 10 years.

In the future, AI-CD β will be appointed the Creative Director for client accounts. Up to this moment, the advertising strategy of McCann has depended entirely on the human knowledge as anywhere else.

In addition, AI-CD β will also assess and draw conclusions based on advertising display results to improve the efficiency of future projects and campaigns.

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