AI And Smartphone Will Fight Your Acne

Israeli company MDalgorithms cooperated with world-known skin specialists developed a new app aimed at supplying people with information about acne and different therapies to treat it. An app, being called MDacne, uses a function of mobile image analysis. It can make conclusions about the state of your skin and develop a personalized treatment plan for acne.

One reason to create such an app was the fact that the vast majority of people suffering from this unpleasant problem (approximately 50 million people in USA and 30 million in Russia) do not consult the doctors, trying to solve the problem by themselves. In USA you will have to spend a lot of money on your visit to a doctor and in Russia, such consultations as a rule are ineffective. Another way out is to surf the net, but who knows what you can find there. Besides, it is always difficult to find necessary information that is truthful.

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The app works as following. After launching it, users have to enter some information about themselves and their skin problems, and then they download a photo of their skin.  The app analyses the image, defines the kind of ache and its severity and considering all this information, it develops a customized plan of its treatment. It also offers users to watch different tutorials on different topics ranging from the right technique of washing your face, applying makeup to the diet that you should stick to.

This app offers a special monitoring system, called “selfie-tracker” to control the process of treatment.

Users can download the app for free and use all its functions listed above. The app also offers an optional paid subscription giving its users more possibilities. For instance, users that paid for the subscription will get access to video tutorials developed by dermatologists, daily reminders about treatment measures to be taken on daily basis, pieces of advice and examination using the mobile camera. All these measures aimed at controlling and maintaining a regular care of their skin. The subscription is $2.99 per week or $17.99 per three month.

Developer claim that the app is able to work with all kinds of skin, notwithstanding, its color or other peculiarities.

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