Connecting Tomography And Virtual Reality

Accurate diagnosis guarantees successful treatment. This statement served a ground for medical startup EchoPixel, which developed its own technology of tomographic diagnostics allowing to detect human body parts operating incorrectly with the help of ultrasonography, 3-D glasses and a special display.

Diagnostic methods of modern radiology as a rule use 2D imaging that does not allow physicians to see human organs in 3D that sometimes can hamper determining the true diagnosis. Till now many medical establishments use technologies and diagnostic equipment developed in the 1980s, emphasizes the CTO of EchoPixel, Sergio Aguirre.

EchoPixel is a modern VR-technology, able to streamline and upgrade medical diagnostics, shortening the time needed to set a diagnosis and decreasing costs spent on equipment.  


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An internal organ becomes available for a doctor in the form of a hologram outside the display, giving a perfect opportunity to study it from all its sides. A doctor can zoom the whole image or its separate part, which is really useful while diagnosing a fetal development pathology or establishing a diagnosis for newborn babies. Besides, a model based on hologram can be printed using 3D printer for its further study.

Not so long ago genuinely Mexican and then Californian startup attracted $5.8 million investments in its first stage and now a programmer package  is available for preordering for medical establishments for $25, 000 annually.

A potential market for EchoPixel is huge. Only in US, more than 300 million of ultrasound research take place every year; these exams may become more effective using an interactive 3D visualization system EchoPixel. Mexican Food and Drug Administration has already approved the technology, and the countries of Europe and Asia are to follow.

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