10 Best Services And Apps In June

Software Focus chose the ten best services and apps released in June. Also you can look through May list below.


Email Copy


Mobile app studio Front App launched their service Email Copy in mid-June. Here you can find the best emails from different companies. Using tags, you can read mails about the new features announcement, business correspondence, apologies and even more. Then you can use these mails as samples for writing your own emails.


Product Hunt for OS X

Those who like trying new apps and services for sure have heard about Product Hunt website, where developers and users share their favourite tech. New products are sorted by obtained users’ votes. Product Hunt has also got an OSX app. The app duplicates functions of the website home page, showing the most popular products for the current day.

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At Freebiesbug website users can enjoy a great collection of best free resources for designers. Here you can find PSD-templates, icon sets, interface elements and frameworks. All the resources are sorted by category in the sidebar.


Api.ai for Facebook

Api.ai service allows you to create a bot for Facebook Messenger platform. You don’t even need to write the code — the service guides you step by step, helping to design the bot, linking it to the service and launching it. In May, we selected the services, which help create bots for different platforms.



Being another app for bots, Botlist is a catalog of existing messenger bots. Not being the best of them, this service can be determined as an App Store for bots, however, there are few features yet — you can only search by title and choose the bot from editorial collections.


How Much Does a Website Cost?

Tired of constant inquiries about a website creation cost, a Crew studio designer created a service that answers the question. Users need to fill in a short questionnaire about technical characteristics of the website and they will get the answer. The service is aimed at clients from west, so prices may differ.


Panama Papers Map


Panama Papers Map website provides all the documents related to the “Panama archive”, sorted by country. The interactive world map allows you to select the country and see, which companies are mentioned in the documents, the number of customers, shareholders and beneficiaries.



At this funny service may find a name for your startup. The only thing you need to choose is the number of syllables, and Nomino will offer you various alternatives. For example, Deki, Qoonny or Fivu.



Alloy is both a browser and a task manager. The tasks here serve as tabs. While working on a project, you can save all the relating pages in a separate Tablist folder. The browser is free and only available for OS X.




Showbox allows you to create studio quality videos in your browser. It has tools for editing music, graphics and text. According to the developers, users don’t need any skills for working with video. The service is free.

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