15 Technologies To Appear In Every Car

Autopilot is not the only hi-tech innovation that will appear in the cars of the future. Here you can find out more about interesting functions that sooner or later will become commonplace for every new car.  

Car Communication System


The system of communication vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) allow cars to exchange data with the surroundings without any user’s participation.

This function, not so useful today, will become important when the number of autopilot cars will increase dramatically. The communication system will allow cars to warn each other about rapprochement if the sensors do not have the possibility to see the object. For instance, when a building or some trees obstruct the view.   



Even at present new models of cars are equipped with Bluetooth connection. This allows users, for instance, play music from their smartphones with the help of car’s stereo system. This year General Motors is going to present a new model, Chevrolet Bolt, that will recognize the owner’s smartphone and open the door automatically when the gadget is approaching to the car.

WiFi and LTE-connection


More and more often the manufacturers equipped their cars with WiFi and LTE-connection. Thanks to it, the car can have the net access, synchronize with adds and smart home services.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Compatibility


To improve the smartphone synchronization the developers provided the cars with compatibility of two systems: Apple CarPlay for iPhone owners and Android Auto for Android fans. Maybe a little bit later they will also have technical support for Windows 10.

Voice Control


Voice control will allow the driver do not distract himself to such little actions as opening the windows, controlling the air-conditioner, checking the fuel level in the tank. The board computer will be able to supply all necessary information orally if needed.

Wireless Battery Chargers


Wireless recharging is one of the developing technological trends.  As the trend advances, we will be able to recharge our smartphones without using a plug and a socket. Everything we will have to do will be to put the gadget on the charging platform. Needless to say, if the technology becomes popular, automobile versions of such platforms will also be developed. Moreover, maybe the car manufacturers will embed charging platforms in their cars.

Rare View Cameras


You can install a rare view camera in your car even today. The picture will be shown, for instance, on your GPS navigator screen. But in the future this function will be commonplace, not optional.

System Controlling the Blind Area


Even the most modern cars have blind area: a zone that drivers cannot see in the mirrors. If drivers ignore such areas, they can cause serious accidents. Taking it into consideration such consideration, some automobile manufacturers have already stated to equip their cars with a system of blind zone monitoring. This system transmits the data to side view mirrors showing drivers a special sign that some object is situated in the blind zone.

Updating “through Air”


A smart car means complicated software that can update and improve itself during the usage. Of course, drivers will not have to come to service centers to get their software updated. As cars will be connected to the Internet, the software will download and update itself automatically, the same way it happens in your smartphone.

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For instance, cars Tesla Motors already update the same way. Today a driver leaves a usual car in his garage and tomorrow he will find there a functional autopilot.

Digital Dashboard


Drivers will not find any analogue indicators on their dashboard anymore. A speedometer, a tachometer, temperature, and fuel indicators will be only displayed on the screen, successfully replacing a usual dashboard. No doubt, the user will be able to customize the display and the location of these indicators.

Night Vision


The cars will get one more useful new function : a night vision device with a thermal scope. This will be extremely beneficial when a car is going along a motorway under conditions of limited visibility. A thermal scope will recognize a passer-by on the roadside much quicker than a driver can do it.

A Projecting Display


The information in new cars will be displayed not only on the dashboard but also directly on the on the windscreen. This will prevent the driver from any kind of distraction.

Semi-Automatic Driving Mode

Even in 2017 many new cars were equipped with a function of semi-automatic driving mode or Pilot mode. Automobiles by Tesla Motors already have such a function. A semi-automatic driving mode will become another step to fully automatized driving mode.

Pilotless Parking


Together with a semi-automatic driving mode, cars will learn how to drive into the garage and out of the garage.

Automatic System of Emergency Braking


The most helpful function of “automatic package” will become a system of emergency braking. The research shows that in the emergency, a driver presses the brakes not immediately but at best in a few seconds. These seconds result in a few centimeters or even some meters of the braking path. Automatic system will react to the danger quicker and this can save more people’s lives.

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