Five Korean EdTech Startups That Take Education To the Next Level

In recent months, online learning has taken an important place in our lives. It is unclear when schools and universities will be able to resume offline classes, so the global EdTech market is experiencing a surge in demand. We publish a list of startups that are using technology to change the educational process in South Korea and globally.

1. Riiid

This startup uses artificial intelligence with deep learning technologies to provide students with personalized solutions. Its SANTA TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) app helps increase TOEIC scores with technology that tracks user behavior during training.

Founded in 2014, RiiiD plans to become a leader in the international market for AI training solutions. In South Korea alone, the number of users of the platform has already reached one million. The company also entered the markets of Japan and Vietnam, and is also present in the B2B market with the santA.Inside platform, an educational AI tool for the growing exam preparation industry.

The company recently opened a worldwide network of Riiid Labs in the United States.

2. KnowRe

This platform makes it easier to learn math with adaptive programs that utilize gamification. The program is written for students and provides a personalized and exciting experience. If a problem needs to be solved, it is broken down into small components and the system evaluates where an error may have occurred.

The algorithm creates a personalized schedule for each student that takes into account his or her strengths and weaknesses and provides feedback to the teacher so that he or she can adapt the lessons in school.

In 2014, the company opened its headquarters in New York and launched an app version for the United States. KnowRe has successfully collaborated with EdTech companies such as Daekyo, Sylvan Learning, and EBS.

3. EduCast

This Korean startup brings together students and educational institutions. It was founded in 2012 by a group of entrepreneurs from former students at Seoul National University.

EduCast is a portal with lectures, where everyone can act as a teacher or student. Here you can find materials on any topic – from mathematics and foreign languages ​​to design and programming. The technical team of the site helps both in filming lectures and in their promotion.

4. Marvrus

The startup provides VR-, AR- and MR-tools for teaching English as a foreign language. Its flagship technology is VR Yeleport English: the student wears VR glasses connected to a smartphone and finds him/herself in different places and situations, interacting with native speakers from Australia, England, America, and other countries. Voice recognition technology provides the user with personalized feedback.


Although it is not an educational portal, it has earned the right to be included in our list. This is an authoring platform based on HTML5, which allows you to create content in the browser without installing any applications and from any device – even from a smartphone.

XELF can be used to create presentations, cards, educational materials, and more. Last year, the startup participated in Edutech Asia 2019 – the most important exhibition of educational technologies in Asia and attracted many content providers for distance education.

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