Google Demoed a Neural Network That Turns Fantastic Creature Sketches Into 3D Models

Google researchers have unveiled Chimera Painter, a tool that transforms sketches of paintings into 3D monsters using machine learning. The team is still working on the tool, but it is already available in the demo version.

Users can draw their character in Chimera Painter: for each part of the body, you can choose a color with which the AI ​​will transform it more accurately. For example, the claws are brown, the head is pink, and the horns are burgundy. You can also download a layout from Photoshop and color it on the site.

Chimera Painter by Google

Developers trained a machine learning model on a database of over 10,000 monster samples. The tool will help in the development of video games, according to authors who have already used it to create illustrations for a fictional card game in the fantasy genre.

how to turn sketches into 3D models with machine learning

The model will help reduce the development time for “high quality artwork”, while the author’s idea will remain, according to the developers of Chimera.

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