Reuse Old Spreadsheets With Image To Excel Converter App

Nowadays many entrepreneurs, executives and after all, any other employee are surrounded with different information on a daily basis. They are presented in various forms: some are in paper sheets, some are digitized and some of them are verbal. Fortunately, today most of news and facts are easily accessible thanks to modern technology and Internet. For that reason smartphones and tablets have become a right-hand of every professional.

However, in that vortex of information, sometimes it’s possible to reuse old data by modifying them a little bit and in that manner save time and increase productivity. As previously said, mobile devices with their helpful apps are here to give you a hand.


Speaking of helpful apps, one such app is certainly Image to Excel Converter that transforms hard copies and on-screen documents into editable MS Excel spreadsheets. Simple take a photo of your document, which contains necessary data and edit it later in an Excel file. There’s no need to squander your time on manual rewriting of the whole paper in order to change just one figure or an item.

Also, Image to Excel Converter offers many other benefits such as:

  • Fine conversion quality with help of powerful OCR technology
  • Rows and columns are identified flawlessly and entirely
  • No constraints on the file size and number of converted files
  • Complex tables and screenshots can be converted as well
  • Conversion services without charge


Besides, Image to Excel has a really clear design and simple to navigate interface. Therefore, the whole process of converting your image will be a breeze, just follow these directions:

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Select a photo you need to convert. It can be a new pic or an old one. If you are taking a picture it’s useful to know a couple of things:
  • Crop your photo so that content is from edge to edge
  • Increase contrast, sharpness and brightness if needed
  • Rotate your photo so that text is naturally readable without need to tilt your head or phone
  1.   After the conversion is finished, open the file in an Excel editor app in order to make changes.
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And that would be it, no subscriptions or any other redundant moves. With Image to Excel Converter you’ll effectively reuse your data and swim like a fish in the see of information.

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