Top 5 Android Apps As Of May 2016

Traditionally, every month we make a summary and note Android applications which we liked most of all. Today you can see TOP-5 applications among which you can find f.lux for Android, secure instant messenger and a couple of other no less interesting applications.

Secret Voice Recorder


This is another interesting and no less useful utility program which is necessary for a quick and discreet audio recording on Android-smartphone or pad. As you can guess from the name of the program it was created just for those occasions when you need to make a sound recording without being noticed.  Secret Voice Recorder can run by triple pressing the button of switching the device on. One can stop audio recording the same way. We are not sure as for the quality of the recording because a hidden recording usually suggests that the smartphone itself is somewhere in the pocket, and this means that the sound will be muted and recorded with noise. Take this into account.



This application is actually only small utility program developed only with the purpose to hide application icons or disguise them under icons of other installed programs (even runoff ones). In other words, Disguise will change the icon and the name of any application passing it as another. Sometimes it can turn out to be quite a useful function, especially if you do not want to show your friends that you have installed some specific applications. And yes, Disguise does not require root rights for work.

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Once we have already talked about this application and come back to it again because it is really considered as one of the best novelties of May. Android-version f.lux now on your smartphone or pad will be able to automatically adjust the screen image temperature to protect your vision. Note that the vision suffers from excessive blue light. Usually, the developers of gadgets themselves add embedded options for emission  reduction, but now you can do it yourself and choose the most convenient settings.

However, even automatic adjustment of f.lux perfectly selects and changes the color temperature of the screen depending on the time. So all day long your phone will take care of your eyes. f.lux is released in test version so far, but it performs its main purpose well.




This software can combine all of your gadgets into one network for instant transmission of content. This is very similar to the service Pushbullet, however, developers of Join have gone further and you can even get a synchronization of notifications. However, the main purpose of Join – fast transfer of files between devices. The main thing is that the application is installed on all your smartphones/pads. Fortunately, versions of the program for all main operating systems have been already released, so that practically any file can be thrown from the computer on the connected device (shown as icons) Transmission is possible in any direction – from computer to smartphone and vice versa.




Quite long ago Wire appeared on Android devices, but only now it became possible to make video calls from it. If you have not heard about the Wire, then this service was created by a co-founder of the popular Skype, but the idea here is somewhat different – it was necessary to create a free secure instant messenger with full encryption. Even video calls and video conferences will be encrypted. 

Of course, there is not only video calling but also a classic messenger functionality, including group chat, which can gather up to 128 people. In chat rooms, you can send music, video, gif-animation. It is also important that the Wire is available for mobile devices and desktop operating systems, there is even a browser version. All functions of the application are available ad-free and absolutely free of charge.

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