UBER Offering Self-Driving Cars

This month Uber company will provide their users with a perfect opportunity to order cars with autopilot, however, this option will be available only in Pittsburg. The company representatives announced about it in Bloomberg’s interview.

Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick has been developing this project since 2014 when he came to Pittsburg to hire specialists of autopilot cars. In fact, this city is famous for Carnegie Mellon University, in particular its robotics department.

Each car with autopilot will have its engineer sitting in the car and taking control over the car if necessary. The citizens of the city, calling a car using Uber will have an opportunity to go for a drive in a self-driving car, besides, it is completely free.

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The company will use a fleet consisting of 100 modified Volvo XC90s, equipped with autopilot machinery, dozens of sensors, a radar and a GPS-device. Recently two companies have signed a $300-million agreement aimed at developing a completely autonomic car by 2021.

This contract is not the only in the field of autopilot cars. In July Uber bought Otto company for $680 million. This is a startup developing a lorry with autopilot. The engineers from Google, Apple и Tesla are working at the project.

Not so much time ago an autopilot Tesla saved a driver’s life by getting them to the hospital. The USA authorities are also investigating car accidents with Tesla cars with autopilot.

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