12 Unexpected iOS 10 Functions

After a few months of beta-testing , Apple has at last released its final version of the tenth mobile platform. The development of all ten versions did not go smoothly all the time, but still users gained a range of necessary functions (actually the company paid special attention to the top 10 new features), but in fact, the list of useful novelties includes some features that are not so popular but nonetheless may be rather handy.

  • Text recording of voice mail messages. iOS 10 can record all voice messages, so before  listening to them, you can get yourself acquainted with a “preview”. This function is available only in beta-version that is why the records are not 100% exact.
  • Return to previous way of unblocking. Many users did not like that the developers changed a usual way of unblocking. Users of iOS 10 have to press Home button instead of just touching it to unlock their phones. But they can turn off this setting in iOS 10 and return the screen unlocking to its original iOS 9 by clicking “Settings”->”Main” ->”Universal access”->Button “Home”.


  • Grouping the notifications by days. Developers updated a notification center, so all notifications are now grouped by days, so user will find it easier to clear them. You can also use a 3D Touch to clear all notifications from your screen.
  • Customizable intensity of phone flashlight. You can change the intensity of flashlight in notification center, using 3D touch. If you press a flashlight icon, you will be able to change the intensity.   
  • A mode of low-quality photos for messages. If a user has a limited opportunity to transfer data, this function will be indispensable. If you click Menu Settings, then Message Settings and scroll the list up to the end, you will find an option to lower the quality of photos for messages. But if you turn on this mode, it will only affect the photos that you send and in no case lower the quality of the received photos.


  • Editing photos in Live Photos. Live Photos is a technology that was presented in 2015. Its main idea is that such photo looks as a usual one, but in fact it is an animated image with a duration of about 1,5 seconds. iOS 10 gives its users a perfect opportunity to edit, crop, regulate the brightness etc.
  • An instant closing of all tabs in Safari. Earlier the browser did not allow to close all tabs, you had to close one tab after another, but now you can only press the necessary icon at the bottom of the page (on the right corner of the browser window).


  • Adding pictures and signatures to the photos. In add “Photo” users can add different features like Snapchat using Markup function.
  • Siri can do selfie instead of you. What you need is only ask it “make a selfie” and the assistant will turn on a frontal camera. However, you will still have to press a button.
  • Additional geo locations will be available directly from “Maps”.
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  • 3D notifications. In iOS 10 a 3D Touch technology became a useful way to control your notifications. It is perfect for multi-functionality, because you can answer messages without leaving the opened app.
  • Hand-written text in messages. To turn on this mode, only turn on a landscape mode in your smartphone.


This is only a small part of the list, because among such “hidden” functions are setting a priority while downloading, updating with the help of 3D Touch, using the camera as a magnifying glass and many other functions. Siri now can say you who is calling, when you are wearing your headphone or you just do not have an opportunity to check who is calling.

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