Six Cool S.O.S. Applications For Your Smartphone

Every day you can find yourself in a situation that is likely to endanger your life. And, let us tell you, your smartphone may prove to be as useful as a knife or a gas bottle.

We’ve compiled a list of six apps that will help you turn your smartphone into an alarm button to inform your family and/or friends that you’re in trouble or call emergency services at the right time.

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Family Locator

Let’s start with a very useful application that should be installed on your phone in the first place. The application will instantly inform you when your family and friends are in danger. Most probably, in case of extreme conditions you want to find out at first where your relatives are, and Family Locator can offer such an opportunity.

As you can understand, this application must be installed on all smartphones within your family to be united in a single network. After that, you will be able to track the geo-location of each family member in the real time and stay in the know whether they got home safe or are still on their way.

One more useful feature is that you can exchange messages directly in the built-in chat of the application.

Disaster Alert

Disaster AlertIf you are an avid tourist or are just afraid that a disaster might happen, make sure you install Disaster Alert. The app will be useful if you are on vacation in Asia Pacific or on an island with frequent storms or earthquakes. The application shows the current data on forest fires, storms, volcanic activity, hurricanes and other disasters on the map. You will surely not find yourself in a critical situation if you keep track of the latest news and take preventative steps to secure yourself and/or your family.

Facebook Safety Check

Facebook Safety Check is a special feature that has recently appeared on Facebook. Europeans could use it after the recent tragic events in Belgium to tell their friends and family that they were all right. It is a good thing that it works by default also on smartphones if there is the Facebook application installed. The social network automatically detects that you are in a disaster area. You will see a special request and the only thing you need to do is to answer whether you are safe or not. The answer will automatically appear both in the feed of your friends and as a notice. The social network also has a special page where statuses of your friends are monitored.


And this application is almost like a life buoy in case you are in a critical situation. The telephone displays the alarm button, and pressing it you can inform all your relatives and friends that something bad has happened to you. You only need to pre-compile a list of contacts that will be informed at the right time. They can be notified in any way: by text or via the mobile Internet.

You can pay a little extra, and SOS + will monitor your safety even more closely. The application will not only inform your family and friends, but also will call the necessary emergency services. According to statistics, SOS + has already helped more than 2,000 users.


You’d be surprised, but this application was created by a 12-year-old developer from Texas. It is the fastest way to call for help in emergency situations. If you run a special application or widget once, SaveMePro greatly simplifies the call for help. You can even not to unlock the phone – just press the On/Off button 8 times.


This application was developed by the Swiss developers so that you can quickly call the rescuers in the Alps or other mountains. You do not even have to use the services of certain mobile operators. Smartphones will work as transmitters; however, the signal will be transmitted to a distance of up to 450 meters. The application requires only two mandatory conditions: a gyroscope and an accelerometer. If the smartphone understands that the user does not move for a long time, it will alert all the available devices. To be on the safe side, you can send your itinerary to your friends via Uepaa.

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