Smart Wine Bottle Raises $6 Million In Funds

American company Kuvée that developed a smart wine bottle with its own display and Wi-Fi module, raised funds worth of $6 mln.

Smart wine bottle is a special 30 cm vessel with the embedded LED-display, touchscreen and Wi-Fi module. The docking station is available in the set because the device needs to be charged occasionally. The device can identify what exactly wine is inside of it, tell you the story of the drink and advise what dish to try with it. Also, according to its developers, a smart bottle can save the quality of the drink within one month.

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Company proposes some sorts of wine which you can fill the smart bottle with. The Kuvée developers promise that in the future the assortment will be extended to 50 items. You can order the new vessel with the drink using the display of the bottle directly. This device will cost nearly $200, price of each drink refilling will be between $15 to $50, depending on cost of wine. The smart bottle should go on sale in October 2016.

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