Ukrainian Team Creates A Smart Pendant That Converts Voice To Text

Ukrainians are conquering the IoT segment.

A Ukrainian tech fashion startup came to the Kyiv Fashion Week to introduce a smart pendant called SenStone that can easily convert any voice notes to text notes without using a dictaphone.


SenStone is a one-click voice-to-text notepad that helps organize all of your notes (e.g., blog posts, diary, meeting minutes, etc.) into themes, categories and patterns. The pendant comes with a mobile application that sends out reminders and notifications, stores your checklists and more.

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The pendant is 2.9 mm in diameter and weighs 26 g. The battery keeps for up to three days. The pendant can store voice recordings of up to 30 minutes in length and boasts 97% precision of voice-to-text conversion. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology recognizes the pendant user’s voice and highlights it against the general recording.


You can also manage this smart pendant with voice commands such as “write an email” or “post to blog”.

At the moment, the gadget is undergoing its early prototype stage at the IoT Hub hardware incubator in Kyiv, Ukraine. The product will be finalized in the months to come. Right after this, creators are planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign to collect funds for mass production.

The pendant will be put on sale closer to the end of 2016 or early in 2017. However, you can already pre-order the pendant on the startup’s website.


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