AI Use Cases In Content Marketing 2020

Over the past decade, marketers have realized the value of creating and distributing content to different audiences as a way to gain attention and generate word of mouth, build credibility in the industry and guide consumers through the buying process. Whether through blog posts, case studies, or ebooks, content marketing is now a core part of most digital strategies today.

AI advancements such as natural language processing (NLP) have already contributed to the creation of a range of tools for working with AI. For marketers, AI provides a new opportunity to accelerate and streamline the creation of content of all forms and genres. AI tools can transform the entire workflow by helping marketing teams make data-driven decisions about what to write about, for whom to write for, and how to interact with readers in the most effective way.

Business Insider has analyzed the current and potential role that AI can play in augmenting an organization’s content marketing efforts. Researchers have explored why content marketers struggle with planning and releasing large volumes of written content and how AI-powered tools can improve case studies, create pre-written templates, and maintain consistency throughout the content production process.

In its “AI in Content Marketing” report, Business Insider discusses the challenges marketers are facing when working with content and explores how AI tools can optimize content for search and communication, and personalize the content delivery process for different audiences.

In particular, the report mentions the following brands: Acrolinx, Atomic Reach, Automated Insights, AX Semantics, Brightedge, BuzzSumo, Concured, Curata,, HubSpot, Keywee, MarketMuse, Narrative Science, Publishthis, Qordoba,, Showpad, Stackla, Uberflip, Vennli, Yello, Yseops.

Key Takeaways from Business Insider’s “AI in Content Marketing” report

  • AI can assist in the planning phase of content production by using tools that dynamically group relevant content topics to help marketers identify actionable opportunities.
  • AI tech can help marketers maintain a consistent tone and writing style, both over time and across departments.
  • AI tools can help scale content production by providing machine-written outlines or short descriptions of content to speed up the writing process.
  • AI tools can also help marketers navigate changes in search engines and social media algorithms to ensure the regular generation of quality content.
  • AI tools can help marketers aggregate, filter, and tailor content from a variety of third-party sources to automate content curation.
  • AI can analyze large amounts of audience data to help marketers recommend content at every step of the buyer’s journey.

Audience and content insights are considered to be the main benefits of AI use in b2c content marketing:

  • Better insights into content performance – 68%;
  • Better insights into the audiences and their behavior – 63%;
  • Easier content repurposing – 36%;
  • Enhanced customer experience due to improved interactions – 36%;
  • Improved workflow – 35%;
  • More conversions – 32%;
  • Time savings – 31%
For more details, take a look at the Report's snapshot by Business Insider.
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