Huobi Global Launches DeFi Liquidity Mining Staking Program

Huobi Global has launched the first phase of the DeFi Liquidity Mining campaign, which allows you to receive rewards for staking HT and HPT tokens.

Huobi has allocated $5 million in assets for the reward. The exchange plans to conduct several more rounds of the program with an estimated $10 million in awards. The staking cycle of exchange tokens is 14 days, early termination is not provided.

Minimum and maximum limits for blocked funds are set for participants. For Huobi Token (HT), they are designated in 100 and 5000 coins, for Huobi Pool Token (HPT) – 100 thousand and 4 million tokens. In total, within DeFi Liquidity Mining, the exchange plans to block 800 thousand HT and 80 million HPT. Staking rewards will be paid in CRV DeFi Curve tokens distributed daily.

Earlier, the exchange operator created a division to develop projects in the field of decentralized finance with assets of “tens of millions of dollars.” Huobi DeFi Labs has already formed the Global DeFi Alliance, an “international consortium of centralized and decentralized financial service providers and platforms,” joined by projects such as MakerDAO, Compound, Nest and dYdX.

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