Top Five Crypto Startups and Companies By Highest 30-Day Trend Score

The trend score gauges how an entity is trending in the Crunchbase ecosystem based on its movement in rank relative to all other entities in its entity type for the time frame selected (last 7 days, last 30 days, or last 90 days).

Let’s see what five companies are trending according to the highest 30-day score.


Founder: Adrien Treccani, Ph.D.

Funding type / stage: Series A / early stage venture

Money raised: $17M

METACO is the leading provider of security-critical infrastructure that enables financial organizations to enter the digital asset ecosystem. The company is trusted by top banks, exchanges, and infrastructure providers all over the world.

Founded in 2015, METACO brings together a diverse team of industry experts in software engineering, cybersecurity, cryptography, and banking to transform the financial services industry. The company is deeply integrated into the banking sector through a growing network of strategic partners and institutional shareholders.

2. Sorare

Founder: Nicolas Julia

Funding type: Seed

Money raised: $4.1M

Sorare is the global fantasy football game where you can buy, trade and play with official digital player cards. Every card is an official digital collectible, certified by the Belgian professional football league, as well as dozens of top clubs in Europe. You can collect them, trade on the market, and use in different gaming activities, such as fantasy football tournaments. Sorare sells the player cards in packs, you may as well acquire individual cards in auctions. But there’s more to it.

Unlike other digital trading cards, Sorare’s are based on Ethereum blockchain and are limited edition digital collectibles. There’s provable scarcity behind every card, so each one of them is unique.


Founders: Dan Yadlin, Itay Malinger

Funding type: Series A

Money raised: $29.5M

CURV is a Cloud-based wallet that provides bulletproof protection, instant availability, and total autonomy over all your digital assets, powered by revolutionary cryptography. The company sets the standard for institutional digital asset security,  eradicating the single point of failure.


Founder: Mikhail Khokhlov

Funding Type: Seed (ends Aug 31, 2020)

Market Cap: 250B+

TON BRAINS offers the full spectrum of enterprise technology services for TON (Telegram Open Network) modernizing legacy IT ecosystems to delivering digital transformation at scale.

QUANTON is a stream of blockchains that represents the first step to quantum computing.

5. ColossusXT (a.k.a. COLX)

Founder: Jeremiah Swaim

Funding type: Pre-Seed

Money raised: $200K

ColossusXT is a community-orientated, energy efficient coin with a strong focus on decentralization, privacy, and real-world implementation. It utilizes an energy efficient Proof of Stake 3.0 protocol and a second-tier Masternode network for inclusive community-based governance along with a blockchain based self-funding treasury system ensuring its sustainability. In order to reach this level of usability, COLX is continually evolving.

The goal of COLX is to be an advanced digital currency that is fast, secure, decentralized, private, and connects all of its users for a greater purpose as part of the Colossus Grid.

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