5 Useful Extensions Of Chrome To Make Facebook Perfect

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, but is still imperfect in terms of functionality. Yet, fixing issues is not a big deal provided that you use correct extensions in the Chrome browser.



If you are not satisfied with the Facebook design, you can install the SocialReviver extension. This is a convenient and flexible plugin that changes the look and feel of the social network. After installation, you get back to Facebook design of 2011. Almost everything will change: the design of user’s profile, news feed, control panel, correspondence chat, etc. You can manually change all this in the settings. For example, you can hide the notification that you have already read the message, or display an icon next to the users’ nicknames that logged on to Facebook from the smartphone.

Facebook Color Changer


Taking into account the name of this extension its purpose is obvious. Suppose you communicate at night more often and would prefer a dark design. Facebook Color Changer allows you to change the interface background with a couple of clicks. To apply the changes, you do not even need to reload the page.

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Facebook Flat


If you are not satisfied with the meager capabilities of the previous extension, you can install Facebook Flat plugin in Google Chrome. You will get drastic changes. For example, you can set the side navigation bar with a new design that will not disappear when you scroll down the page. There are many useful things: deactivation of extension, link to the page with the birthdays of friends, the button of quick transition to the beginning of the feed. Also, according to developers, the extension improves text readability in Facebook.

Facebook Flattener


If Facebook seems too overloaded with interface elements, this extension will give more free space. The third column with the annoying ads is not present in the interface. Due to this newsfeed becomes wider. It will appeal to fans of concise and as simple as possible interfaces.

Facebook ReFresh


Every day viral news appears in the network that is interesting to read during the first few minutes, but then the whole day it is necessary to wind forward similar posts. You can easily get rid of information noise after installing the extension Facebook ReFresh, which is able to filter the contents of feeds by keywords. You will notice how reading of the feed will be more enjoyable.

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