HTC Allocates A $ 100 Million Fund For Startups

HTC is a company that is not afraid to take on new things. It created the first Android phone, and has recently launched SteamVR. And today the company invests even more in virtual reality (VR).

Vive X is a new $ 100 million fund for the VR-startups from HTC. The company will help startuppers to launch their products to the market. In addition, Vive X will help startups to connect with mentors and investors. For HTC this initiative should help in building software for Vive VR devices for the years ahead, that is very timely, as the experts from SuperData Research predict that the VR will generate $40 billion of revenue by 2020.

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Such support should convince startups to try themselves in this field of technology. VR is pretty innovative, so best practices are still being developed. In addition, VR on the PC market is still relatively small.

Vive X is the HTC way to become even more involved in VR. The program will provide funding for startups in the amount from $50,000 to $200,000 and working space in exchange for their shares. If one of the participants in the program creates a killer application for VR, HTC will make sure that the content gets to its platform, or even be able to buy-out the company, passed through the accelerator.

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