Apple Began To Use CareKit

Today Apple launched the deployment of new mobile framework CareKit. Carekit was announced last month – the platform helps to create applications for the daily tracking of human health condition.

From today CareKit will work in four applications for the iPhone: Glow Nurture and Glow Baby, Start to track intake of medicines for depression, One Drop for diabetics.

Applications for the iPhone, which use CareKit, help people to monitor the following of medical recommendations, the expression of symptoms and intake of medicines. The opportunity to send data to physicians, nurses and members of the family via CareKit apps empowers people to be proactive in keeping their health.

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CareKit is represented as a platform with open program code that will enable the developers’ community to create products based on the first four modules from Apple company including:

  • Care Card, which assists in monitoring of the execution of the plan of treatment and medical advice, for example, taking the medicines or physical therapy classes. Performance of the needed actions can be monitored automatically and recorded by transducers Apple Watch or iPhone.
  • Symptom and Measurement Tracker, which gives an opportunity of easy noting the symptoms and state, including measuring the temperature and not missing the beginning of the infection, as well as assessing the rigour of pain or fatigue. Information about the evolution of the state may include common profiles, photos on how wound healing goes, as well as information on physical activity, evaluated by the accelerometer and gyroscope of iPhone.
  • Insight Dashboard, which shows the connection between the existence of symptoms and following the recommendations in compliance with the Care Card, and displays visually the efficiency of the therapy.
  • Connect, which assists in giving data on health and changes in the state, as well as disputing these questions with physicians, care specialists and members of the family.
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