Top 5 Sleep Trackers

Life around us is constantly accelerating, and we can hardly keep pace with it. Because of this, most of the active people suffer from sleep problems. Surely even you sacrifice every day 1-2 hours of sleep in order to have time to cope with all the chores. It will just lead to chronic diseases. But modern technology can help you and in this matter sleep trackers are the best. You will find out right now about the most popular ones, and we have in mind not only gadgets but also applications.

First, we’ll start with the simplest thing – with sleep trackers that can be installed on smartphones. You probably have already heard that one can easily make basic sleep trackers from them. Now you will get acquainted with three applications, for the work of which only one built-in accelerometer is needed.
All applications, which we will talk about, work on the same principle – the phone must be close to you (preferably on a pillow). During the night accelerometer will read all your movements and determine the phases of sleep – deep and active. But this system is just not ideal for the following reasons: if you sleep next to your spouse or cat, the sensor will fail; if you do not connect your phone to charge, it can be completely discharged during the night; electromagnetic radiation may still have a negative impact on you.


Runtastic Sleep Better


This program will analyze the impact of physical activity, all of your trainings, alcohol, and coffee on the quality of sleep. Every evening before going to bed you will specify in the application, what you did during the day in order Runtastic Sleep Better for a few weeks was able to find a connection between your schedule (way of life) and your sleep. The program is able to monitor the lunar phases as well, to suggest when it is best to go to bed. In the Settings you will be able to find the opportunity to choose an alarm tone, vibration on/off, volume setting, specify the interval at which the alarm will be triggered. By the way, this is the first application in which there is a dream diary.


Sleep As Android


And this is the second program in our review. Suppose that it has the same ranking in the Google Play store as the previous application, but here more interesting ideas are implemented. There’s even an option of alarm reset which is creatively done. In order you definitely to wake up, you will need to disable alarm clock only by the solution of a mathematical problem, either to click on the sheep running around the screen or even take a photo of the QR-code, which is recommended to be put away from your bed. The program has a mode of “lullaby” – you put on headphones and relax by the sounds of the nature. Via the accelerometer, the smartphone will determine, that you have fallen asleep and the melody will subside.


Sleep Cycle


This is another application that is cheaper than competitors, but its rating is slightly higher. In addition to the analysis of sleep and smart alarm clock you can find the function of night sounds recording. Sleep Cycle will be able to distinguish the purring of a cat from your snoring. The rest of the functions are already familiar to us: the analysis of the effect of coffee and eating before going to bed, diary of dreams, moon phases.

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Xiaomi Mi Band


Now it is necessary to talk a little about gadgets, which have the function of sleep trackers. The most affordable option is Xiaomi Mi Band. You can easily find the device on sale on AliExpress – the price is less than even $ 10. This bracelet is probably the most popular in the world, let it not even have a heart rate monitor functions. But it is a good idea to count calories, analyze the activity, count your steps, monitor your sleep, and it can also give advice if you stick to a healthy lifestyle. Oh, we almost forgot – bracelet has a record battery life (approximately 720 hours on a single charge). Moreover, Mi Band fits comfortably the wrist, there is a Russified application for smartphones, water-resistant casing. Flaw of the gadget is that it doesn’t accurately count the number of steps. However, we are interested in the function of sleep monitoring and this bracelet copes well with it.


Jawbone Up


Of the more expensive options bracelet Jawbone Up is more often mentioned – it costs a lot, but still it is a sales hit. It is spoken of as the best option for sleep monitoring, but it has just a lot of flaws – poor battery, it often breaks down, the casing is not waterproof. Only all claims are not related to the function which we are talking about in this review.

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