6 Ways To Steal Your Smart Car

Modern car is not only a vehicle. It is a smart connected device that stores and transmits a lot of information. Unfortunately, criminals also know it. Here you can read about 6 hi-tech ways to break into and steal a smart car.

Car Cloning


“Car cloning” is an advanced way of stealing a car, when car thieves create and install a forged vehicle identification number (VIN), with which a stolen car can stay unnoticeable for the police. Cloning is primarily used for unique and expensive cars, which are sold abroad after the theft. A forged vehicle identification number allows to provide the car with “legitimate” documents. Very often it is almost impossible to distinguish a forgery.

Blocking and Ransom


Viruses blocking computers and demanding ransom for unblocking have already become common kind of cyber offences. Experts predict that very soon smart cars will be blocked in such a way, offenders will just switch off the engine and send the owner a message demanding to transfer bitcoins to some number.

Smart Keys Scanners


Recently a special scanning device, used by car thieves, was withdrawn by the police of USA.  If a car opens with the help of a “smart” key, the signal can be intercepted and forged. The signals of usual cars have not been a problem for car thieves for many years, but now they even manage to intercept new smart keys using Bluetooth and NFC.

Coordinative Action


Company LoJack Corporation specializing in the development of anti-theft systems published a report, according to which in 2015 thieves have by far improved their coordination. The top priority for thieves are cars at the cost of more than $30,000. Moreover, thieves exchange databases, containing the information about such cars and ways to steal them.

Remote Break


Very soon a thief does not have to come close to a car to steal it. Moreover, a thief will be able to fulfill his intention being on the other side of the planet. This fantasy became real last year when hackers showed how they took a remote control over Jeep Cherokee. That car did not have the function of a remote-piloted vehicle that is why the control couldn’t be full-scale. But in case of breaking into a car that can drive without a human inside it, a hacker will only need to identify the destination. In addition, hackers will be able to steal not only cars but people who are inside.

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Data Theft


The aim of stealing a car can be different: some thieves will try to steal the data from on-board computer, not the car itself. Because a modern car can be synchronized with owner’s online accounts, his smartphone or smart house, a hacker will be able to get a load of information, breaking his car. For example, information about bank accounts or car owner’s address.

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