Bats Inspired To Devise A Smart Walking Cane For The Blind

Blind people started using special canes to detect obstacles on their way a long ago in the medieval times.

Nothing seemed to have changed in the design of this accessory, except of a special coloring warning drivers that a pedestrian at the crossing  is blind.

However, Indian developers from National Institute of Technology Delhi devised a cane that warns a person about obstacles a few meters before it.

Therefore, it eliminates the necessity of cane direct contact with an obstacle, making a blind person travelling much easier.

The handle scans the sounds (like bats and dolphins do it) and works as an ultrasound scanner. It consists of an ultrasound locator and a scanner.

The vibration of two buttons on its handle indicates an obstacle on the way. The vibration strength infers the distance to the object.

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The experiments have shown that the blind owning this cane overcame much longer distances for the same time period than using a usual cane.

One more brilliant advantage of such a smart cane is its ability to detect the obstacles not touching the ground, so it is impossible to detect them using a usual cane. Such obstacles can be cause of some injuries for a blind person (for example, they can be tree branches, some hanged objects, etc.).

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