Smart Microclimate System MagicAir

Company Tion officially represented its new development – a system of smart microclimate MagicAir. Compact gadget MagicAir measures the air parameters in a flat or in an office and controls the climate equipment. Using one solution, the Tion connects ventilation, air conditioners, humidifiers, air purifiers into one automatic controlling system. The Tion developers managed to pack a difficult engineering system of a smart house into one little box, that can be controlled via a smartphone app.

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A managing Tion director Mihael Amelkin tells us about the advantages and importance of the device:


 The device itself is only a tip of the iceberg; it only stands behind a full-scale platform development. It includes a cloud service, controlling algorithms, upgrades, coded protocols, mobile apps and a web-interface. At the time of its release, it will able to control inlet ventilation: a breezer via radio channel.  We decided that ventilation is task №1 due to health considerations, because stuffiness and high CO2 level is a typical situation for the majority of modern flats. We close the windows trying to prevent noise pollution, drafts and avoid polluted environment but at same time we deprive ourselves of fresh air that is essential for our brains. This year we are going to add to our device the option of controlling other devices made by other manufacturers, for example, air conditioners, air purifiers and humidifiers. Also we are going to develop additional functional devices: battery faucets, air extraction systems, different sets of air sensors, etc. Even at its current condition the platform allows to do it. In such a way, we can supply all equipment for the field of microclimate. You will be able to control all these devices by one mobile app. Our goal is to develop such a device that will have only one “make-me-feel-good” button and no headache anymore.

Contrary to existing technologies of “Smart House”, MagicAir is developed for average consumers, who can install it in their flat, hotel without any additional technical and installation help. One small device that you can hold in your arm includes built-in sensors of CO2 , humidity and temperature, a Wi-Fi module connecting it with a cloud server via the Internet, and radio module controlling domestic appliances. You can shop gadget MagicAir now, its order is available at the manufacturer’s site. The company has been successfully selling its functioning devices – breezers Tion O2  for more than 3 years.

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