BMW Connected: IoT Concepts Introduced

VP of Digital Products at BMW, Tom Brenner delivered a speech at the Microsoft Build stage sharing the details of their ambitious IoT project. This will provide “exceptional interoperability of smart devices, superbly plugged in your digital way of life.”


This video depicts how BMW is improving integration of its connected car with your smart house.



The video demonstrates a morning report from a smart holographic device that provides information about current weather, your morning meetings, commute to work as well as choice of one of a few BMW cars available.

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The next episode shows David the protagonist driving his BMW i8 and interacting with multimedia IVE system on his commute to work. While on the drive, David gets a system notification about a landslide, answers a business call and even syncs his calendar with a colleague to make an appointment during breakfast.



BMW Connected is powered by Microsoft Azure and uses a pre-installed toolset to help build architecture and tailor it to BMW clients’ needs. Its first edition is focused on your daily routine needs such as find out current time, get an update on traffic and road conditions, as well as helps improve interoperability between your smartphone, connected car and smart house.

BMW Connected First Edition is now available to iOS users in the United States only.

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