Computer Analyzing MRT Scans Better Than Doctors

A computer is able to diagnose cancer analyzing magnetic resonance tomography. And now it can cope with this problem even better than doctors.

Such conclusions were drawn by scientists from the university of Case Western. According to specialists, doctors find it difficult to discern MRT the relapse of cancer and brain cells killed in the process of treatment. However, for a program, it is not a problem at all.

Scientists from Case Western agree that doctors can find it difficult to differentiate dead cells from live tumor cells, but computer can cope with the problem. Specialists developed software using machine learning, informs

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Scientists analyzed the results of MRT scans of 15 patients using the program. Also specialists showed the shots to 2 doctors. The experiment showed that a computer made the right diagnosis in 12 cases out of 15. For comparison, the first doctor managed to have 8 right answers and the second  7.

Scientists say that radiation treatment can cause radioactive necrosis (death of some brain cells). To treat the latest, doctors should use methods different from brain tumor. So in cases when it is vitally important to differentiate the diseases and their consequences, diagnosis is the first and the most important step. The developed program is now here to help.

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