Device For Monitoring Fetal Health

Polish scientists developed a unique device, which will help to trace a prenatal development of a baby. Besides, the device allows to do it even by a pregnant woman herself. This entails measurement of heart rhythm, early signs of placental abruption, oxygen starvation or cord entanglement.

The device is called Pregnabit. It uses professional sensors. For example, a traditional CTG is already embedded into the system. Another advantage is high portability of the system; it takes very little space, that is why women can take it with them while travelling. The whole device can be placed on a belly of a woman and it is fixed there with the help of a belt.

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The study takes 30 minutes. After processing the data the device sends it to the medical center of digital monitoring. Professionals also analyze the results of the measurements. The market release is expected this year. Its target audience are doctors, midwives and schools where women are getting prepared for labor.

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