Earplugs Translating All Languages Gather Nearly $1,5 Million Within a Few Hours (Video)

Imagine a world without language barriers. Whenever you go, you understand a local language and local citizens understand you. All you need is to insert this device into your ears. Starup Waverly Labs made $1,5 million dollars within a few hours, reaching its  $75 000-aim within 15 minutes after Indiegogo publication. As it turned out, everyone wants to understand everything.

The project creator, Andrew Ochoa, explains that the idea to create such earplugs came to his mind at a date. He got acquainted with a French girl hardly speaking English whereas Andrew didn’t known French. Eventually everything went wrong and the date was spoilt. Then Ochoa decided to put an end to translation problems forever.

His pilot project Waverly Labs developed earplugs that translate conversation in real time whispering the translation to your ears. The earplugs work through a smart phone app. The Pilot price for backers is $199 but retail price will be $299.

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However, your conversation partner has to wear the same device if he wants to understand what you tell him in your language. Also you need Internet access but Wi-Fi is no more a problem. Of course, the device can experience some translation problems. Waverly Labs developers claim that Pilot can fluently speak English, Spanish, Italian and French. Besides, they are working at installing all languages of the world to this app.

It took more than two years to develop this device. And now Andrew can fluently communicate with his French girlfriend, if it is not another successful campaign story.

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