Engine For Electric Skateboard Gathered €265,000 On Kickstarter

Such personal vehicle devices as hover-boards, electric scooters and others are gaining popularity among lovers of long walks and cyclists. Now users have one more variant: a device for electric boards developed by Unlimited Engineering, informs TNW.


The device consists of a slow-speed engine inserted in the wheels of the vehicle and a detachable battery block allowing the device to develop the speed of 36 km/hour. One charging will be enough to ride 25 kilometers. Moreover, the system of regenerative braking will charge the battery every time the driver brakes.

The device can be connected with any skate: for this purpose you need a few instruments and 30 minutes of your free time.

Every device has three modes: “starter”, “eco” and “pro”. The starter mode limits the maximum speed and acceleration; “eco” allows to ride a maximum distance recharging only once; “pro” will give a perfect opportunity for a real race.


Also a user can customize the device according to his needs, using ma mobile app. You can change the modes using your smartphone.

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At present moment the engine has already gathered €262,514 on Kickstarter, however experts thought it would be only €100,000. The price of such device is €408. The orders are going to be carried out by March 2017.

Earlier a wheel for changing a usual bike into an electro bike gathered $657,000 within 11 days Kickstarter.

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