Facebook As A Medical Consultant

At the beginning of this week Facebook announced a new platform for its app Messenger. The purpose of the platform is to help companies to create chat-bots (virtual interlocutors) to communicate with their clients. More than 30 companies have already launched their bots.

The first organization engaged in healthcare that used this instrument was HealthTap.

HealthTap is a large American medical company, to be more precise, a medical network where general practitioners give online consultations. Recently it has achieved a remarkable result in the field: more than 100,000 doctors registered in the network.  

The representatives of HealthTap recently claimed that about 900 million people use Facebook Messenger, that’s why to be the first and the only medical bot at this platform is at least a good marketing strategy for them.


This bot allows users to enter any medical question in Messenger at any time and get a free answer by a doctor. Also people are able to read questions and answers connected with their field of interest from different people.

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HealthTap offers its clients different technological instruments and services specialized in medicine and special learning online content connected with healthcare, but in general, the company gets its main income due to service Live Virtual Consults, that is a live consulting chat where doctors consult via the Internet. The company offers their paid clients unlimited access to medical consultations by doctors using chat, video consultations, audio communication; all services are provided with the help of web or mobile apps. Doctors also find it easy to communicate using this service, that’s why so many of them are registered here. Moreover, the company has recently purchased a start-up company Docphin, which helps doctors to find and discover all news about recent medical research.

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