Wacom Helped To Create First E Ink-Reader For Music Notes

Wacom announced its collaboration with Terada Music Score, a Japenese developer of digital music notes for musicians, to implement new technologies in their products. The company has used a technology of feather entry Wacom feel in its new device GVIDO that is a digital sheet music with two flexible E Ink-screens.

GVIDO is a unique device that opens a new product market segment. It was announced by Terada Music Score at annual musical exhibition MIDEM held in Cannes.

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A flexible reader GVIDO with 13.3 inch E Ink-screen is so light, thin and it is the size of a regular music notes folder. A technology of feather entry Wacom feel is embedded in the device (recognition of up to 2048 degrees of feather pressing), that allows users to add some handwritten notes. Thus, work with this digital reader is very similar to work with a usual music score notebook. Musicians have a habit of making some handwritten notes in their music notes to simplify the performance and GVIDO with its Wacom technologies is going to make their work with digital notes simpler and as comfortable as possible.

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