5 Excellent Gadgets For Cyclists

Cycling is getting more and more popular among young people. Bikes are comfortable, portable and cyclists do not have any problems with parking or storing their steel horses. That’s why, this growing perspective market attracted attention of gadget developers.

Here you can find 5 interesting devices which will come in handy for any cyclist.


Varia Rearview Radar


Earlier this device was known as Rearview BikeRadar, but then company Garmin bought the technology and renamed it. The device is mounted to the back of a bike and warns about approaching vehicles. The cyclist gets a warning about the speed of an approaching car and a potential danger level. Besides, the gadget can control bike taillights making it brighter and more noticeable for a car driver.




SmrtGRiPS  are smart bike handlebars. Special modules are inserted into a handlebar of the bike, they are connected with a smartphone or a GPS navigator of the cyclist with the help of Bluetooth. Using a map, the right or the left module will vibrate approaching to the necessary turn. The device can lead the cyclist, indicating the direction of a preset destination with the help of vibration.  To cut it short, it is an indispensable device for cycle tourism enthusiasts.


Anti theft Device Sherlock


Usual anti-theft devices like a chain or a cable with a lock, are very easy for thieves to evade, they can use cutting pliers to steal a bike. Sherlock uses other protection methods. It does not prevent a theft that why it should be used with a usual anti-theft cable. But if your steel horse is stolen, Sherlock will get the owner know where to look for it. The device is a GPS tracker connected with an owner’s smartphone. Tracker is installed into the wheel tube of the bike and hidden as a usual rubber stub. It is a useful thing if you often have to leave your bike without any supervision.


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ICEDOT Crash Sensor


ICEDOT is a crash sensor that can be installed on your bike, or, for example, on your helmet. In case of any accident during your trip, ICEDOT detects a strong hit, it triggers the sensor and it start waiting a signal from your smartphone. If ICEDOT fails to receive a signal within a preset time, the sensor connects with emergency contacts, informs about the accident and also transmits GPS data about its location. This gadget can save such valuable minutes and even save the cyclist’s life. However, not only cyclists but also motorcyclists can take the advantage of this gadget.


Multipurpose flask BoomBottle


Every sportsman knows that water balance in your organism is of vital importance. It is necessary to take a bottle with water with you. But company Scosche decided to make this flask multifunctional. Firstly, BoomBottle is very durable and you can easily adjust it to a typical water bottle clip. It is also equipped with a dynamic to listen music or GPS prompts from your smartphone. A powerful microphone will help to use a bottle a speaker for hand free phone conversation. BoomBottle is equipped with a powerful lithium battery which enables 10-hour continuous work.

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