7 Apps To Start Your Day

The creator of My Morning Routine Michael Xander started a blog to interview entrepreneurs, artists what they do in the morning. The right beginning of the morning is considered to guarantee an efficient day. Apps can also help to get up in the morning and lift your mood. Here you can find 7 the most popular apps according to Xander’s blog.



Notwithstanding all its popularity, f.lux is worth mentioning.  One of the most popular services on My Morning Routine, f.lux adapts its color range to the appropriate time of the day. The welcome screen is cold and bright in the morning, and it becomes warmer and calmer for perception in the evening. The app is free and available for Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS and Android. Noizio also works on iOS. You can



Noizio is an app working as a background on OSX and containing a range of background noises: birds’ singing, the sounds of a thunderstorm, a forest or a café. Using the app, you can also create samples of specific noises and save them to replay later.  

7 Minute Workout


Many people interviewed by Xander, admitted that to warm up they use 7-minute workout in the morning. Apps with such sets of exercises on App Store and Google Play will help such people. One of the most popular is 7 Minute Workout.

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Using elements of gaming, Streaks will help to adopt some good habits. Every time the user practices a new healthy habit, for example, eats healthy food, works out or avoids smoking, he makes a note in the app. If the user gets into the habit, the Streaks scale fills in. If he misses the acquired habit only once, the scale zeroes out and he will have to take up his habit again.



One of the most popular or even the most popular app for meditation. The service created by Eddy Paddicomb contains audio lessons, exercises and different meditation techniques. Both beginners and advanced professionals can meditate with the help of Headspace.



Many people prefer listening to podcasts instead of music when they run. Overcast is a popular and free podcast messenger for iOS. Its special feature is changing the sound: you can slow, speed and delete speakers’ pauses.  

Day One


One of the most popular morning rituals is to schedule your working day and writing down your emerging thoughts. However, you need a little more functional app to use it as a diary than Day One. There different versions of mobile and desktop systems, synchronization, calendar, and, no doubt, a password or a finger print scanner to secure your notes.

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