Google Launches Area 120 Where Staff Will Be Working On Own Startups

Google is well known for a loyal attitude to its employees. While Google employment policies can’t be compared with productive anarchy of Valve in terms of employee freedom, its management is also well aware of how the opportunity to self-realization is important for people. Every developer in the company has the opportunity to spare one-fifth of his/her working time on personal projects. But what about 100% of time?

As has recently been announced, Google is launching a new division called Area 120. Here, the Google employees will deal exclusively with their own startups. In fact, the division is an internal startup incubator of the company.

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A team that was formed within Google will develop their project business plan and submit it to Area 120. If the business plan is adopted by the incubator, the startup team leaves their direct job for a few months and goes directly to Area 120 to future-proof and bring their idea to life. Naturally, the salary is retained. Subsequently, the best achieving and most promising group will be able to establish their own company with Google as the investor.

Area 120 will be located in one of the Google office buildings in San Francisco.

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