Media Companies Are Hunting For Digital Skills

It’s not a secret that the lack of highly qualified specialists with digital skills is an acute problem for many companies today. And it is not only about IT companies, the lack of such experts is a popular problem for almost all sectors. Media companies are no exception.

The latest research shows that media companies value digital skills of the applicants even more than IT companies. Capgemini conducted a survey that aimed to find out how important digital skills are for workers aged 16 to 25. 100% of media decision-makers admit that these skills are very important for employees of their companies, while 98% of managers of IT companies and 82% of the retail industry top management emphasized the importance of digital skills.

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Most companies in different industries improve their work with innovative solutions, technologies penetrate deeper and deeper into our lives so it is important to quickly master new technologies as many jobs of the future do not exist yet and people should brace themselves for them. Many experts point out that digital literacy has become a basic skill as well as traditional academic qualifications for a worker in any kind of business. The study found that 80% of decision-makers believed that digital literacy was important for applicants who want to pursue career opportunties with their company.

So which basic skills are specialists talking about?

For almost 90% of companies, one of the basic digital skills is a proper use of the Internet for the decision of work issues. Also, 84% of companies require their employees to know how to create a basic digital content. Digital information of companies has a very high value so the ability of an employee to keep the cyber security of company’s information and stay safe online are also valued by employers. It’s clear that for digital native generations these skills are elementary, but experts say that workers often can not develop their skills to the level which is required for their job. For example, it is difficult for young employees to adapt their digital skills to work with cloud applications, software or for using collaboration tools.

The importance of promoting digital skills among young workers is understood by not only the companies that need skilled workers but also by governments and educational institutions. It is important to obtain such knowledge available to everyone who want and need to get such skills. Some companies create courses for their employees. Also, charitable non-profit organizations create courses where everyone can get the necessary digital skills and often these initiatives are launched with the support of the authorities.

There are also many opportunities to gain knowledge online. Why not consider many online platforms that create massive open online courses (MOOCs) in different specialties. It is in this form of education that researchers see a great future prospect and predict that in the future online education displaces offline form of education. Some of the world’s leading universities are making learning resources on their websites available for everyone. So many possibilities are being created so that young people can gain the necessary skills to work in the desired media companies and not only.

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