Medtronic Uses Intelligent Digital Technologies

Company Medtronic is consistently working to incorporate its devices into the Internet of Things (Medical Things). In particular, it has signed an agreement with Canary Health, which had been mainly cooperating with medical services providers and huge outsourcers with their own medical plans for employees.

Platform Canary Health is developing and offering its clients special programs for people with chronic illnesses. These programs include training courses that will engage special coaches and target content. Since recently these programs, in particular, for people with pre-diabetic condition, include devices Medtronic. The company is going to take part in the development of the programs. Besides, Medtronic will be a re-seller for Canary Health programs.

Recently in New Orleans took place 76 annual scientific session of American Diabetic Association.  There Medtronic announced about its project IBM Watson Health aiming at creating a software product that will analyze the diabetes flow, predict hypoglycemia and provide diabetics with some advice and instructions how to avoid such conditions. The company also announced that insulin pumps and sensors Medtronic MiniMed are compatible with program platform Glooko, which helps patients with diabetes.

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Besides, the users of MiniMed Connect system gained access to the development technology of healthy nutrition and diet programs by Nutrino. A new Medtronic app for glucometer works continuously constantly taking measurements of glucose level and controlling nutrition. It provides the users with recommendations taking into consideration daily diet, activity level, sleep and other characteristics that influence the glucose level.

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