Self-Service Kiosk for Hospitals

An innovative kiosk prototype allows patients to exchange medical and radiologic reports, print different kinds of medical images on paper, radiographic film or save them on USA storage devices.

MyVue Center Self-Service Kiosk by Carestream is an information storage device in the place of one’s healthcare delivery, allowing patients to look through and share radiographic images and medical reports from different websites, including tablets, laptops, mobile phones or information from their electronic personal medical records in any healthcare establishment. Thus, patients are able to get a quick access to their medical tests, using a secure identification method and choose medical images or radiology reports that they need to print.

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MyVue Center Self-Service Kiosk by Carestream with installed MyVue Center can help patients to share medical images and reports with their doctors, friends or family members with the help of a unique secure identification entry code generated on personal patient’s portal. This entry code is sent to each patient by e-mail after the examination. Systems MyVue Patient Portal and MyVue Center are developed by Carestream (Rochester, New York, USA) and they use security protocols to ensure patient s’ data privacy.

At present the system isn’t available for sale.

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