7 Applications And Services To Increase Efficiency

Efficiency is a hot topic for discussion. There are many pieces of advice and numerous collections of applications and services. Software Focus team believe that in most cases the usage simplicity isn’t a sharp focus of such sets, on the contrary, many services do not facilitate, but rather complicate the work. Therefore, Software Focus moderators made a selection of 7 services, which, according to users of the resource, are the most simple and effective in use.

One Big Thing


One Big Thing helps to focus on one main task every day. You need to enter a difficult assignment in the app, if necessary, dividing it into several more manageable parts. The application looks like a virtual copy of multicolored stickers – one can purchase additional themes in embedded options.



Extension for Chrome Papier replaces the new tab window with a simple notepad for spontaneous or urgent thoughts. The recorded message is saved in the browser and not removed neither after it is closed, nor after deleting your browsing history. There are simple tools for formatting. In fact, Papier can be used as a full service for note taking.


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Working on a big challenge every person sooner or later is distracted by different things. For some people Twitter is such a distractor, someone watches funny video collections, someone reads. HazeOver albeit slightly, but prevents such situations. Application replaces all other windows except the active one.



It is a strict text editor for courageous writers. The Flow State will not allow you to wait for inspiration – if the user stops typing for more than five seconds, the application erases everything that has been written. Before you start, you can choose the font, set the session length (from 1 to 180 minutes) and start. This is not the best tool for thoughtful text including many sources of information, but a good way to get your imagination working and make a sketch.



Escape can be conscience for people often visiting distracting websites. That is, for everybody. The app shows how much time a user spends on email, social networks and other sites. At the end of each day you can find out how much time you wasted on discractions, when and which task you completed. A special Escape chart will show the most time-consuming sites or services.

Go Fucking Work


An obscene word fuck does not make this service worse. Go Fucking Work acts like a plug: you enter websites and turn on operation mode. If during the work you browse one of these sites, Go Fucking Work will show a plug with motivational phrases on a black background. What the fuck? Go work.




Unfortunately, Summize application does not work with the Russian language, and it is really bad, because the concept is amazing. Using automatic algorithms, Summize analyzes the photo of the text (article, page of a book or magazine) and makes a summary of the text. The algorithm is not perfect, but it already works well and looks like one of the most impressive things of the future.


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