7 Gadgets To Make Your Car Smart

A modern car is getting smarter, though still it is far from a perfection. Moreover, not everyone is eager and has a possibility to change cars as often as smartphones. Nonetheless, there are ways to make even an old car smarter. Here you can find several gadgets to make it.

Car charging device


The first and the most obvious thing you can do is to equip your car with a charging device for smartphones and other devices. It is really useful for long-distance journeys or if you use a smartphone’s navigator.

Choosing a model among a wide variety of brand and Chinese chargers, pay attention to model Aukey CC-T6. It is compatible with speed charging Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0. For the most recent models, the same manufacturer has a version supporting Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0.

Car Bluetooth module


If your car has a musical system with AUX-in port (audio port to incorporate other audio devices), you can synchronize it with your smartphone, using a Bluetooth module.

Devices like iClever Himbox HB01 connects with your smartphones and transmits it to car’s stereo system, serving as a music system and as a handsfree kit.

Smartphone holder


It is not an electronic gadget; it is probably just an accessory. You need a smartphone holder if you want to use a navigator or other functions of your smartphone feeling comfortable in your car.

You will not regret buying TechMatte MagGrip Air Vent. It is a universal magnetic holder.  The set includes a magnet with a fastener, a thin steel band that is mounted under a smartphone case.



Recently GPS navigators are widely replaced by smartphones. Of course, if you use your phone as a navigator and it copes with this function, there is no use to buy a separate gadget. However, navigators still have advantages over smartphones. For example, some of them allow to watch on their display a rare view. And if you plan a long-distance journey, you need to have some alternatives in case video your smartphone is inaccessible.

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Smart tracker


Smart tracker Automatic announced itself a “Fitbit for cars”. It plugs into OBD-II port (a port for car diagnostics), which is in most cars produced during last 20 years. The device measures speed, racing, braking, fuel consumption and then transmits all this information to your smartphone. Also Automatic automatically informs a driver about detected faults.

Tire pressure control system


If you want to make your car even smarter, equip it with tyre pressure control system. Such systems, for example, Fobo Tire Plus, measure air pressure and temperature in each tire on real-time basis and transmit it to car owner’s smartphone. Thus, a driver will get to know about any puncture beforehand.

Rare view camera


Even if you do not experience any problems with reverse parking  and you feel car dimensions like your own body, a rare view camera can be very useful. It is much easier to reverse with this device. The gadget shows video on a navigator display or a board-on  computer.

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