7 Tips Choosing Wireless Headsets

A few decades ago a person talking to himself in the street will be considered insane. Today it will not astonish anybody because we know that a person can use a headset. Wireless headsets can do our life much easier. As one of its advantage is that your arms are free, people use it at work or coming back home from a market or a shop, carrying many overall packages. Or if you a driver, you will not have to stop every time when someone calls you. Here you can find several tips to choose the right headset.


Sound quality

The first thing should be the priority for you is the quality of the sound. It is not only about the quality of the earbuds’ sound it is also about the mic quality. Sometimes, devices with really good sound, can have problems transmitting the sound, in this case the person you are talking with will not hear you. In particular, this problem often occur with some Chinese headsets that are not well-known and popular.

If you buy a headset in a shop, our advice is to check it directly in the shop, you can just call to somebody and assess the quality. If you decide to buy something  on the Internet, find other customers’ reviews.

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Sound isolation

If you plan to use a headset not only at home, make sure that it is able to reduce outside sounds. Otherwise, in case you are in public transport or at a conference, the attempt to speak will be unsuccessful.

The headsets that have more than one mike can be a perfect choice. In such devices, one mike blocks the outside noise and the other discerns your voice. Using special algorithms, a headset discerns background noise, thus improving the quality of conversation. This technology is called “intelligent noise cancellation».


Battery life

This point is easy to choose. The longer battery life is, the better for you. However, you should understand that the battery life is not directly connected with the price of the gadget. So, if you try, you will be able to find a cheap but overall headset able to work for 10 hours without charging it and a modern lightweight headset which will run out in two hours.


The main advantage of any headset is that you can use your hands. That means wearing a gadget for a long time. Considering this fact, the question of comfort is of vital importance. Light earbuds inserted into an ear canal, are not always more comfortable than big headsets that can easily stick to your head due to headphones’ structure. Choose the device according to the level of your physical activity. If you are not going to use it in the gym every day, earbuds will do. But if you are going to use it while doing sport or driving on extreme hills, better think twice before buying a device that you will have to catch every time you make an uncareful motion.

Range of Bluetooth

The distance to the connected smartphone is on average the same. Most developers assert that their wireless headsets can work up to 10 meters to their smartphone.  In fact, at a five-meter distance the device works all right, but farther you will run into problems with sound quality.

But if you need further range of Bluetooth for corporation or work usage, you would better choose from devices that use DECT technology. This technology is widely used in modern radio phones.

Mono or stereo

Most headsets have only one earpiece. This is enough to make calls. Such headsets leave one ear free to perceive the outside world. But if you want to use the device for listening music, you will have to buy a stereophonic device.

However, we should mention that gadgets used for conversation, as a rule, do not have such a qualitative sound. So true music lovers will have to spend more money on a device with better sound characteristics or they will have to listen to the sound of average quality.


If your quality is your priority, you will not pay too much attention to the design. The fact is that very small headsets are not always better than bigger ones. A small size also mean shorter battery life. Such headsets are more fragile and you can easily break them if you are not careful.

Earlier we also wrote about wireless headsets that can easily replace Apple AirPods that many users may find not very practical in everyday usage.  

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