The State of Software Quality 2020

A new study by OverOps looks at software testing and QA trends and challenges in 2020. It demonstrates that while the adoption of agile methodologies continues, automated code review is the next big technology worth paying attention to.

Key Survey Findings

In most cases, development teams prefer quality over speed. The vast majority of organizations (70%) say that the quality of the software is more important than the speed of delivery. 

However, although most teams prioritize quality, lack of organizational processes, deadline pressure and other factors reduce the productivity of developers. As a result, more than 50% of development teams are facing critical issues that affect the quality of client projects, at least once or twice a month.

quality vs speed of delivery in software development
Source: OverOps

The main problems in the quality of the code are a lack of tools, a lack of sufficient development time, and vague project management.

top application quality challenges
Source: OverOps

From CI/CD and daily releases to feature toggles and alerts – today’s engineering teams leverage a wide ecosystem of cutting-edge technologies and practices. The main ones include manual testing (70%), automated testing (65%) and log/event management (62%).

pre-production quality tools and processes
Source: OverOps

The survey results show that while developers continue to invest in automating pipelines and building containerized microservices, automated code review is seen as a technology of the future. When asked what tools the participants are using in 2020, 37% pointed to static code analysis and 28% – dynamic code analysis, placing these analysis tools at the top of the list.

2020 tool and technique adoption in software development
Source: OverOps
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