Tips for Data Science Outsourcing

A true data science expert is an extremely valuable asset for any organization. They are difficult to find, so many companies are pressured to outsource their data science R&D. When the company is not ready to make full-fledged investments into data science and it needs the results as soon as possible, then outsourcing can be a viable way out, though there are some things you should keep in mind.

Set a Clear Goal

The ultimate goal of any business-associated data science project is increasing revenues, but a more specific, measurable task should be set. First of all, the company must develop a global strategy of development, according to which goals are to be set on inferior levels – from departments to teams. Deep understanding of existing data-related processes is also essential. A team of data science experts has to keep in mind not only a current goal, but the impact their actions will have on the end user and overall business processes.

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Partners are Important

The market of data science is flooded with various companies, offering consultations, software, integration solutions and many other options. The key is to determine what type of help your need and which partner is ready to provide the desirable result in appropriate time. Consider the resources of the would-be partner and its level of expertise. Well-established partnership on a long-term basis is more beneficial if involves solving problems on global level, not just ad-hoc issues.

Be Ready to Evolve

There are two major types of data science projects: tactical and strategic ones. While tactical decisions are aimed at solving immediate issues, strategic involvement includes overall analysis of the business, its goals, inner processes and the impact any actions will have on all the levels of organization. This is not a fast process, so if the company feels that its data science requirements are growing it is just the time to consider hiring some experts or go outsource.

Universal Decision Doesn’t Exist

Even the most efficient data science experts won;t be able to optimize the business processes of the organization which is reluctant to accept appropriate changes or fails to set particular goals. Good optimization requires a combination of human resources, funding, planning and software tools. Sometimes it is reasonable to change the whole traditional business intelligence structure in favor of a new, more efficient platform. Immediate decisions may sound promising but it is underlying data science foundation that makes overall stable progress possible.


Outsourcing market is ripe with all kinds of companies, but not of them are able to solve data science problems on a larger scale. Big data theory is developing rapidly and it may be hard to keep on. Many promising collaborations cannot yield the desirable results mainly because the customer fails to get rid of the outdated mechanisms, set clear goals and develop a comprehensive solution.

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