5 Apps With Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is actually quite amazing. Even despite the fact that Google Glass hasn’t gained so much popularity, this technology gradually takes root in our lives. Numerous games and different useful apps are based on it. New apps are constantly released and day by day, they require less and less involvement of the user. It is absolutely unnecessary now to type a text or choose a function from a long, extended menu. All you need is just to point the camera and see the result. Meet 5 amusing and practical apps, which exploit augmented reality.


Photo Math


Does mathematics challenge you since school days? Or, maybe, you suddenly need to solve a quadratic equation, but cannot recall the discriminant formula? A calculator won’t be of much help to you, but this app is exactly what you need. Just point your camera at the equation and you’ll get an instant solution to it. The program is even capable of solving complex and integral equations. Its creators constantly upgrade the app. The recent innovation is the introduction of a new function – solving of basic geometric problems. Photo Math is generally suitable for any calculations that you are too lazy to deal with. But we have to make sure that pupils do not get hold of this app…




Have you ever encountered on the Internet, in some app or printed document some exquisite, unfamiliar font? If it’s a webpage, you can always specify its type in the encoding, but with printed matter it just won’t work. For that end, there was developed the WhatTheFont app, which can recognize font types by just pointing a camera at them. Just a splendid tool for designers.

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Color Identifier


You are colorblind or just lack the vocabulary to describe different shades of colors? Or, perhaps, you girlfriend asked you to buy her an emerald T-shirt and you are struggling which of the five different green-colored items you have to choose? This app will help you to recognize just any color. And, finally, it’s just an ideal tool to copy a color scheme.




Just point a camera and you’ll know the distance to any visible object. It works almost instantly and is strikingly accurate. You wonder what’s the distance between you and that side of the lake? Or is it flight altitude of the paratrooper, that is just above the beach you are standing at, that excites your curiosity? How tall is your friend? How long is a bowling lane or what is the distance between you and a golf hole? This app is a very simple and convenient way to measure all this, isn’t it? You can also bet with a friend: how long will it take you to get to that pub down the street?


Google Translate


Schoolchildren have already got hold of it. And it’s totally no wonder. This is the best translator, which supports practically all the existing languages and at the same time is capable of operating offline. You just need to direct a phone to the text and the translation to any chosen language will be displayed on a screen.

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