Twitter User Designed Icons For iOS 14 and Earned $14,000 in Two Days

A Twitter user posted a monochrome set of icons that he designed for the new version of iOS. Other users liked them so much that he created a website and sold them for almost $15,000 in just two days.

In iOS 14, you can add widgets to the desktop and change the size and image of application icons. Users can now create designs for their device interface themselves.

Once iOS 14 became available in the App Store, a designer and developer called Traf posted screenshots of his version of the icons on Twitter. Users liked the design so much that Traf decided to create a website and sell a set of icons (80 pieces) for $28.

iOS 14 icons design

As a result, in just a few hours, he earned $9,240 from 330 clients. And later he updated the information and wrote that now his earnings from icon design amount to $14,232.

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